The equipment of the laboratories utilised for lessons is continuously modernised due to material resources made available by German institutions. Over the past 20 years, more than € 1.5 million has been spent on literature and technical equipment. Students may use three computer rooms equipped with modern computers and workstations.


Materials science laboratory:

Room 3206

Dr. S. Houbenov

Physics laboratory:

Room 10308

Dr. M. Mihalev

Laboratory for strength and resistance of material:

Room 1111

Dr. B. Dimova

Laboratory for measuring and automation devices:

Room 9301

Dr. V. Galabov

Electrical engineering laboratory:

Room 12545

Dr. I. Kostov

Electronics laboratory:

Room 1531

Dr D. Stamenov

Laboratory for production technology:

Room 4126

Dr D. Dotsev

Cutting machine laboratory:

Room 3114

Prof. Dr. G. Popov

Internal combustion engine laboratory:

Room 9112 Box Nr. 8

Prof. Dr. B. Gigov