The FDIBA supports its students with a variety of equipment. Computers are available not just in separate computer pools but also in the library. Different Laboratories enable the conveying theoretical knowledge into practical application. In addition, the universities WIFI network can be entered at home through a VPN client. FDIBA students receive an own e-mail account and may use the Student Office 365 package.

The scientific library is available to students, lecturers, and staff of the faculty. The library is in the FDIBA building (block 10, second floor). The library holdings include around 10,000 volumes of selected specialist journals, as well as numerous handbooks and dictionaries. It also has a reading room with several computers.

Registration is required to use the library throuph intranet or on place. A current passport photo is required to have an ID issued.

The library of the TU Sofia is also open to FDIBA students.

The equipment of the laboratories utilised for lessons is continuously modernised due to material resources made available by German institutions.

Over the past 20 years, more than € 1.5 million has been spent on literature and technical equipment. Students may use three computer rooms equipped with modern computers and workstations.


» Overview of labratories

Materials science laboratory: Room 3206

Physics laboratory: Room 10308

Laboratory for strength and resistance of material: Room 1111

Laboratory for measuring and automation devices: Room 9301

Electrical engineering laboratory: Room 12545

Electronics laboratory: Room 1531

Laboratory for production technology: Room 4126

Cutting machine laboratory: Room 3114

Internal combustion engine laboratory: Room 9112