The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a wide range of scholarships for students as well as doctoral candidates and lecturers.

An overview of studying in Germany and various courses is offered here.

» All Information at a Glance
There are several options for funding a stay abroad in Germany. The DAAD offers a wide range of options for funding studies, doctorates, and networking. An overview in German and Englisch Language is provided directly by the DAAD.

In addition, DAAD scholarships can be searched for centrally in a database.

Note: Application deadlines are to be observed and can be viewed on the respective website.

» Overview
Here you will find an overview of the funding options for a stay abroad through the DAAD.

Bachelor and Master students:

  • University summer courses to impart language and cultural studies
  • Study grant to support a postgraduate course in Germany over a period of 10-24 months (entry requirement: first degree such as Bachelor or Diploma)

The DAAD also supports you through the Hochschulkompass in finding a suitable course of study in Germany.

PhD students, post-docs, and young researchers:

  • Scholarship to support research projects as part of the doctorate over a period of one to six months, depending on the project and work scheduling
  • Scholarship to support research projects as part of the doctorate over a period of seven to 12 months depending on the project and work planning
  • Research grant for bi-nationally supervised doctorates with a funding period of up to two years

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research offers an overview of the organisation and planning of the research stay in Germany.

University lecturers and scientists:


When applying for funding for a stay abroad, the information on how to write a good letter of motivation or research expose for the application, which is also made available directly via the DAAD, is helpful.

Further scholarship programs independent of the DAAD are, for example: