» Opportunity to Acquire Dual Degree
There are also German lecturers teaching at FDIBA, courses are thus held in German. This gives the opportunity of acquiring a double degree. Study visits, theses and internships in Germany can be funded through DAAD scholarships. To ensure that FDIBA graduates have an exceptionally good knowledge of German, communication training is offered and promoted in the first year of study. In the second year of study, as well as in the master’s program, further communication training takes place. Criteria for a stay abroad in Germany are, in addition to particularly good language skills, the performance achieved in the course.

Meeting the language requirement is essential to be able to study at FDIBA.
Learn more about the language requirement.

» Improving Knowledge of German Language
Improving your German language skills can be a big challenge. Encountering the German language as often as possible can be helpful in order to intuitively pick-up grammar rules and increase the vocabulary. Watching German TV series can be of great help, as can listening to podcasts in German.

» German Events
In preparation for a life in Germany, as part of a study visit or for a longer period after graduation, contact with German culture can be supported by German-language events in Sofia. Various events such as films or plays are not only offered through the Goethe-Institute. These opportunities can be attended as team building within the degree programs and with fellow students.

The Goethe-Institute also offers an overview of cultural events.